Our Testimonials

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Fantastic way to jump start your body into FAT BURNING mode and lose extra FAT!! Joanna is very knowledgeable and and such a delight! This is an excellent program to lose fat, with a benefit of getting healthy!

Lorianne Homemaker

This is amazing! I lost 2 inches my 1st visit. Such a relief to know there’s something that can help me because I’ve been struggling to lose weight.

Jessica – 39 Marketing Executive

I lost almost 4 inches from my waist during my first session! I purchased the 4 Lipo Light sessions.. So far I have lost 2 inches in two session.. Joanna is amazing. She explains the procedure and gives instructions on how to get the best results. I would recommend her to anyone looking to lose a few inches.

Gena – 44 Yoga Instructor

I have used Lipolight for about 4 months. I have lost 21 pounds. It is amazing seeing the inches just fall off my waist and the rest of my body. My clothes fit better on me now and I’m looking forward to buying a new wardrobe. My aim is to lose 20 more pounds and I will keep coming until I reach my goal, because I have so much confidence in the program and have seen great results thus far. The initial consultation is very informative and Joanna is knowledgeable in the dietary recommendations for Lipolight. I have followed her advice, regarding diet and exercise during my Lipolight sessions and have seen great results with it. I highly recommend the Lipolight sessions at Body Sculpting of Geneva.

Bruna – 48 Management Consultant

Joanna is AMAZING! Following the program has allowed me to lose 7 pounds and many inches so far. I can’t wait for my last session to see the final results. The atmosphere is inviting and the warmth from the lasers while laying on the table with a blanket makes for a great nap. I have truly enjoyed every visit, conversation, laugh, and lesson learned with Ms. Suzy and will definitely be getting monthly follow up appointments.

Abby High School principal

I’ve had an amazing experience. In about 5 sessions, I lost 5 inches around my stomach. It very clean and Joanna gives a great customer service.
I like her attention to detail, service and overall attention to my needs.

Donna CPA