David Sullivan began cultivating his faculty for fitness as a youngster when competing on his neighborhood swim team. However, it wasn’t until he made the high school wrestling team that he began to take an interest in weight loss. Mr. Sullivan’s experience with dieting and performance grew more extensive in college where he wrestled for the University of Illinois in Champaign-Urbana, IL. The last year of his wrestling career, he had to drop over 40 pounds to compete in his weight class. While challenging, this presented Mr. Sullivan with the opportunity to learn a healthier way to achieve his desired weight because he realized the methods he had been using weren’t optimal in order to perform his best. Since that time, Mr. Sullivan has continued to practice a safe and healthy lifestyle which he balances with his family and working full time as a management consultant.

Mr. Sullivan understands the challenge of looking and feeling your best while meeting the performance requirements of career and family. He also understands that there are limitations to diet and exercise. Body Sculpting of Geneva provides a safe option for people who want more than what they’ve been able to achieve from diet and exercise alone.