Joanna Padilla began her journey in the beauty industry, as a licensed Cosmetologist in 2014. 
She loved seeing how even small changes in a person’s appearance could put a huge smile on their face and dramatically increase their self-esteem. Joanna especially enjoyed working with mothers working with mothers, because as she says,

“We do tend to put ourselves last on the priority list.”

As time went by, she developed a passion for the fitness and began working as a personal trainer helping clients transform their lives and become the best versions of themselves. 
Now as Manager at Body Sculpting of Geneva, Joanna helps clients win the battle on the scale and with the tape measure!

” Working at Body Sculpting of Geneva, I am able to help people look and feel great. Not only are they able to lose a few inches, but the spa like experience, really helps them relax and truly be the best versions of themselves!”